So, let’s start with the anatomy and then proceed to the best triceps exercises ever known. Triceps is the antagonist muscle group of the biceps muscles. This group of muscles makes the elbow move; it also extends these joints and bones. Its main task is to move the elbow to the straight position from the bent one. It has three so called heads which are attached to one anchor. Each head has its own origin. They are called depending on the position on the arm. Long, medial and lateral heads perform in most of the arm moves. And even more all of them will be activated in triceps moves there are the exercises that give more distinction to one or another part of triceps. None of the heads can work separately, but you can give some changes to your triceps training plan and the shift in moves of hands and body inclination can define the level of stress given to the needed part of the muscle. To feel the difference between the various exercises you need up to six weeks. That is the time you can see the outer changes in your triceps size. After a few weeks you can evaluate the progress and move forward with the chosen plan of pick the other one.