Everyone who comes to the gym sooner or later starts thinking of improving something except biceps and booty. There are no people who train exactly the same way; each of us has different sets, different training plan and different quantity of repetitions of the same exercise. It all depends on our goals and way of training. Each of us has own technique and rest periods. And when we are talking about shoulder workouts we mean millions of variations of the same exercises. It is impossible to describe all of them in one article, but there is a basis of exercises known by almost every person who visits gym regularly and wants to look bigger and stronger. Our training plan is made of many favorite exercises and many unique training goals. So we would not like to say that some of the exercises are better and some of them are worse, they all are equal as they may be effective for some part of bodybuilders as well as ineffective for the other part. And it doesn’t matter who is wrong and who is right, we only pick up the ones which are perfect for us and use it while building the shape from our dreams. But there are many fundamental things which should be kept in mind during training sessions.