Why those planks become more and more popular in the fitness community? Are they really that effective and why? The exercises which use only the weight of your body are practical and simple to perform. You do not need the right place to do them. You do not need the right equipment to neither. All you need is desire and some patience. What is the importance of training abdominals? Weak core muscles are dangerous if you go in for sports rather intensively. Core muscles are important for preventing from injuries. Runners as well as the weightlifters need strong abdominals because their results will be steady low and will never upgrade. In addition, there is no kind of sports where the stability wouldn’t play a leading role. The stability is completely about the plank. The plank by increasing the core power can even increase the strength in legs and arms. And not only by training them, but using a strong abdominals in different workouts make all the other groups of muscles work in the proper way. If there occur any health problems with your lower back you are welcomed to the plank club. Lower back is too important for stability to be ignored, a great amount of damages have place because the middle section of the body is too weak.