There are no people who are ignorant about the static exercises and their benefits. Sometimes workouts become too boring and simple even if you put more weights on the barbells and dumbbells. There is a way out from this situation – use some static elements in your training sessions. One of those, which can make your core and abdominals steel is plank. There is even a world record in planking – one woman managed to plank for four hours. But you don’t need to repeat that to gain some progress in your appearance and sports results. The Plank is able to switch in to work not only the core but the legs and shoulders. To achieve that you have to remember about the right technique of fulfilling this exercise. In other way it may be traumatic for some muscles. Effective work with plank helps to maintain strength in muscles, enhance stability and make the injuries occur more rarely. Moreover, constant training of abdominal muscles by situps and different crunches makes those muscles adjust to the monotonous moves and you will see no progress anymore and you may forget about the beach-body. It is not that pleasant thing to exercise in vain, is it?