There is a great deal of articles and journals that examine many low calorie diets and they suggest that they can be very effective in maintaining people who want to slim down in a very short term. Very low calorie diets allow only up to 800 calories per day. Low calorie diets permit only up to 1,000 calories a day. So we can see that military diet fails to be as strict as we could have thought about it. No one can sharply predict the number of ripped kilograms, but the result will be shocking, that’s true. In a nutshell, after those three days of restrictions come four days of leave. These days you are allowed to take more food. Just a bit more. Don’t think that you will eat as much as you want, no. It is meant to consume only up to fifteen hundred calories a day. It doesn’t restrict you in choosing produce. You can eat some healthy food, but in bigger quantities or just two cupcakes a days. It is up to you, but not more than 1,500 calories. It is simple, isn’t it? Three days of restrictions and planning your meals and then four days off, when you can delight something restricted and relax in some way. It is very important for your mental and psychological health – to provide yourself with relaxation. So don’t forget to treat yourself for some good job.