Military diet nutrition plan looks very ordinary and doesn’t require any knowledge in nutrition, because there is no necessity to substitute produce in your day-to-day menu. This schedule is precisely split into two main phases. The total duration of the two phases is seven days. Then why is it called a diet of three days? On grounds of that the first and the chief stage spreads for three successive days and the second stage, as you understood spreads for four days. Here we have got seven days. For the initial three days it is necessary to stick to strict plan for all of the meals. Snacks are forbidden to eat between main meals. That is a very strict rule too, which should be confined to receive a result you are waiting for. Total entry of calories during the first stage for the initial three days is from eleven hundred up to fourteen hundred every day. The initial day’s total amount should be fourteen hundred calories, the next day menu allows only twelve hundred calories and the third day restricts calories only to eleven hundred. This diet is rather poor of fat and carbohydrates and is rather filled with proteins. It also comprises such patterns of produce, that try to help to rapid metabolism and to make fat burning faster. You can slim down for 13 kilograms per month following the strict bounds of this given meal plan.