Mіlitary diet is rather popular in the world. It helps to make the weight drop down quickly. It is even possible to lose nearly 4.5 kilos for a week’s time. Military diet has one more name; it is called a diet of three days. The military diet as a matter of fact has no connection with any of the branches of army. This nutrition schedule is rather controversial as it is strict and you may suffer from not being able to choose food you like, you have an allowance to eat strictly what is written on your guide. The military diet can be very precisely described by the sequence of a few words “short-term limitation of calories income”.  The nutrition seeks to the ripping calories in a bid to start growing thin fast. It depends completely on you.  Whether you are ready to accept such restrictions in your diet or not. It is not that easy, but if you are strongly inclined to get ripped in three days – come along. Some of people say that this nutrition plan was worked out by nutritionists especially for the US army. Its goal was to get soldiers come into the right shape in a rather brief timespan. Sometimes it can be called an ice-cream diet. Interesting? Let’s have a more precise look at it and soon you will be able to decide whether you are willing to use this nutrition plan.