If there is an event you are looking forward to or some occasion like a photoshoot, but you are not ready at all. Your kilograms still swing on your thighs and belly. It is just the time to begin thinking about how can you lose those kilos as fast as it possible. Can you use a plan of the short-term diet to look like you have been preparing for the situation for weeks or months?  It is real to do, but you need patience at first, because it is not that easy to do. Moreover, don’t think you will look like a fitness model, because you will lose not only your fat but the muscles and excess water too. Due to the calculations made by nutritionists it is not possible to burn four kilograms of fat in only one week. It is not safe for your health. But nevertheless there exist a few ways to perfect body to be achieved for the brief period of time. If you complete all the steps mentioned below you will definitely be content with yourself in the end of the diet. It is just the time to say so-long to the extra weight and start the new life. If eating less carbs may scary you then be ready for this. Any short-term diet can exist without this restriction. In fact, the diet is liable to improve some health features aside from losing those kilograms.