This complex carbohydrate helps to lower blood levels of low density lipoprotein which is commonly referred to as the bad cholesterol. In this way fibre contributes to the health of cardiac muscle and prevents different conditions associated with high levels of cholesterol. They include diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, metabolic disorders and many others. Finally, fibre is also rather good for gastrointestinal system as it cleans our guts from undigested food particles and makes both small and large intestines function better.There exist three types of fibre. Each of them takes on specific functions, this is why it’s so important to know all of them. The first one is called Soluble fibre. It is a kind of fibre our organism can dissolve with the help of water, making it gelatin-like. The most common representatives of soluble fibres are pectin and inulin. As for the products high in soluble fibre, the list includes sweet potatoes, oatmeal and some other foods. The list of beneficial properties of this fibre type is quite extensive, most importantly, it lowers cholesterol level and normalizes blood pressure. Some types of soluble fibre, for example, pectin, prevent our body from storing too much fat from our food. Many fruits such as apples and oranges are rich in pectin.
The second type is Insoluble fibre which is different from the previous one in that it cannot be dissolved in water but rather it retains it. Insoluble fibre goes through the stomach and guts and cleans them from excess waste. It is a natural cleanser of our digestive tube.