Everyone heard that there is a need to consume more fibre. But what exactly is fibre? It is a kind of complex carbohydrate. The walls of the cells of the plants consist of fibre, and that is the reason why we have to eat more greens, veggies and fruit. The main benefit of fibre is that it cannot be completely broken down into simple sugars as other types of carbohydrates. It goes all the way through our digestive tract without fully breaking down. The fibre is beneficial for cardiac conditions, facilitates weight loss, not to mention that it helps to boost our immune system and reduce inflammations. There is a number of advantages to consuming this type of carbohydrate as it’s full in phytochemicals and other healthy nutrients that are good for fighting off infectious diseases by strengthening our natural immunity. fibre is also popular with people who want to optimise their caloric intake, and for a good reason. When you eat some fibre, it brings on the feeling of satiety much more quickly than other types of carbs plus you stay fed for longer. Adding more fibre to one’s diet would prove especially beneficial for people who have food cravings because of psychological issues (i.e., people who are prone to stress eating). As people tend to get natural sense of fullness when eating fibre, losing weight finally becomes easy.