FODMAP is an abbreviation meaning fermentable, oligo and disaccharides and monosaccharides and polyols. Monosaccharides include such substances as fructose. Most common disaccharide is the lactose. Oligosaccharides are not digestible with our digestive system, they are found in a large variety of vegetables. As for the polyols they are the alcohols made of sugars. They are often found in sweets, bakery and even ice-cream. But what is that bad with all of these matters? The worst is that they are not absorbed in a proper way inside of our bowel. They make our digestion work in a wrong way. FODMAPs are also fermented rapidly and this may cause gas appearance in our bowel. It is not that pleasant symptom. Sometimes even more unpleasant things occur. Such as diarrhea, nausea, indigestion or pains in abdominal cavity. Sometimes people confuse these symptoms with other diseases and try to cure them in different useless ways with expensive medicines. But it doesn’t give the needed and expectative result; it affects the general lifestyle and relationships. Here comes the time that if have no results from medications you should try the proper diet and help your bode work better and feel better.