What is a FODMAP diet? It is a nutrition plan that helps people with different digestive diseases to become healthy and live a complete life. This diet is based on the strict and circumspect restrictions in nutrition. There are a lot of foods that are prohibited to eat in order to soften different gut symptoms. The researches have shown that FODMAP diet is working rather well for people who are susceptible for different types of products. If there are some issues with the digestion this nutrition can help to solve them and live a normal life again. Originally the FODMAP diet was developed to help people with the irritable bowel syndrome the so-called IBS. This syndrome affects women more often than men. Peter Gibson, Australian researcher proved that this diet is able to cure the irritable bowel syndrome. Later people with other different stomach disorders started to follow the low FODMAP diet and they managed to cure many other symptoms of the gut. As the diet has many restrictions is cannot be followed for too long period of time, you should be careful with that. So let’s have a more precise look at what are the FODMAPs and why we should try it if we have any of the digestive problems.