If someone is interested in such type of diet this doesn’t mean that the diet is only for those who suffer from this disease. But this diet is balanced and can help you to stay healthy anyway. Only permanent keeping an eye on what and when you eat is able to protect from different dangerous situations connected with your health. Eating too much, too big portions and don’t mind on the quantity and quality of consumed food is too risky for everyone, not only for those who fell sick with any of the illnesses. Maintenance checkups are more effective than treatment. So you should think twice before eating something junk or rich in sugar. Is the moment pleasure worth of the lifelong suffering? Isn’t it better to do the best for your health right now and start with the nutrition normalization? But if you already have some issues with your general condition it is just the time to begin recovery right now. We consist completely of what we eat, so it is quite reasonable to start first and foremost with the meal plan, isn’t it? Sometimes it is too tough to start, but when the beginning is switched on and the total condition is improving – be proud of yourself and keep going.