The exercises diverse according to their aim. There are the exercises for mass gaining, the exercises for distinction and for strength. What type of exercises you will choose depends on your own desires and personal goals. Below are a few pieces of advice for you to build your training plan. First, you should better make the priorities in the side of the most compound moves. Then, you have to use the progressive approach or in other words – increase the weights and the quantity of repetitions from workout to workout. And the third, but not the least point is improving the stability of shoulders to keep the joints and muscles from injury. There is one more thing you need to know about the chest training – the chest is a united bunch of muscles, but it should trained separately. It means that we divide it into three portions and train lower, upper and middle parts. For upper ones we need a bench with thirty to forty five percent inclinations. The middle chest is perfectly trained by the moves from the flat bench. The lower part can be stimulated by training on the decline bench. It doesn’t mean that you have to choose only one position and work with it. It is important to train all of the bunches of muscles.

As a matter of fact we often use one and the same exercises, forgetting to alternate them. And the quantity of repetitions plays a great role in the training success. The best way is to make low or moderate quantity. This means from four to six repetitions. But it also means that we have to work with heavier weights. Doing exercises for low repetitions with too light weight for you will not give any progress.