Chest workouts should be on the basis of the training process. It is a rather large group of muscles. They perform a wide range of moves and are very important from the aesthetic point of view. Chest muscles like targeted exercises and if you want to have a perfect chest you should pay attention to it. Chest muscles from the point of view of anatomy are called pectoralis. It is the biggest of the chest muscles. It makes the shoulders move in four directions and it keeps the arms close to the body. Under that major muscle is the minor one, it resembles the triangle and is attached to the upper ribs. There are a lot of exercises that train these muscles, so you should try some of them and choose the best for your body. If you see the result in three to five weeks from the change in the training plan – you are welcomed to keep going, but if not – switch the chosen exercise to some other. It all depends on you and your creativity. To be focused on the best result you should know about the broad range of chest exercises, their influence on the body and muscle growth. If you are bored with your nowadays training plan then you are welcomed to the whole new world of useful exercises.