The hardcore character of burpees is not the only reason to be careful with them. If you want to do a burpee challenge you have to mention that there is a high chance of being injured. Burpees demand rather intensive movements so you have to be very attentive and be sure that you are following the technical specifications. Talking about the technic we should start doing burpees standing and the feet are on the width of shoulders. Then you make a squat. Mind your squat directives, do it properly to stay away from the injuries. Put your hands in front of you on the mat or on the floor and shift the body weight to the arms. Jump the legs back and take a pushup or a plank position. Now the attention is given to a core and the lower back. They must form a straight line and not be bent down or popped up. When you have taken this position try to jump your legs back and place them outside of the hands. Next you do the explosive jump up with your hands erected straight over head. Then jump down, land and take a squat position at once. When landing be careful with your feet to safe yourself from damages. Repeat this complex of moves which are called burpees as many times as you can, but keeping the right technic.