Burpees are one of the most efficient exercises for fat loss, even though they are called rather strange. It is a totally awesome move to practice. Burpee is the combination of the strength performance and the aerobic one. It must take a special place in your workout schedule. As it turned out, there was a man who invented burpees. His name was Royal Burpee and he was a physician. That is the reason why the burpees called burpees. Can you imagine that it was invented in 1930? And for many years during the Second World War burpees were used for the physical preparation of fresh coming soldiers in the American army. Even though the burpees exist for more than ninety years already they are still very popular among fitness enthusiasts. And they still astonish people who try some burpee challenges with effectiveness and maximum calories burning capacity. As they turn your own organism into an instrument capable of exhaustion all the body and each muscle in it. That is one of the chief reasons why the burpees are hated by most people who tried them. They are even too exhausting. You should try burpees to hate them yourself. But then you will see the result and fall in love with them again.