Best 10 Electric Cars Under $30,000

10. Volkswagen e-Golf — $21,495
We all know by now that the Volkswagen Golf is a practical and charming little hatchback. And if you don’t know that there’s an electric version called the e-Golf, with a price tag under $30,000, it’s possible you’ve seen one but didn’t even notice. If’s a regular ol’ Golf body powered by a 115-horsepower electric motor, good for up to 83 miles of travel per charge. The e-Golf’s MSRP of $28,995 comes out to $21,495 after the federal tax credit, which, frankly, isn’t a bad price for a VW these days. There is a catch, though. Volkswagen only offers the e-Golf in certain states, so check with your local VW dealership to see if it’s an option for you.