Mediterranean diet is mostly based on the eating approach of Greek and Italian people. It keeps you healthier for a longer time and makes you live better because of a perfectly positive influence on your cardiovascular system. While dieting in such a way you should eat plenty of fresh produce, more grains and more food rich with incredibly helpful for human beings Omega-3 fatty acids. Mediterranean nutrition wasn’t developed in its origin as a weight loss plan. As a matter of fact, it naturally arose from the eating habits and style of ethnic groups living in the Blue Zones – definite areas with a lower rate of cancer heart diseases and a higher level of long-living inhabitants. The two of five Zones are situated in Italy and Greece. Now, looking back on eating traditions of people populating these places we can definitely say that Mediterranean diet is not a diet at all, it is a lifestyle, a tradition tested and verified by at least a few centuries’ history.  The main thing to remember is that the Mediterranean diet is not about Italian pizza or Greek lamb chops, it won’t work eating that way. To understand it better, we should know the way it influences our body, immunity and cardio systems.