Atkins Diet takes its origins in 1960. Robert Atkins, an American cardiologist, once said that the carbohydrates are the chief reason of obesity and health problems. The best and the fastest way to slim down is to restrict the income of these substances. This diet is similar to many others that put the limits on the carbs intake, but it has its own characteristic features and is developed to provide a healthcare initiatives. The sugar, bread and other products highly packed with carbohydrates are linked to the theory that they make insulin product in bigger amount. That leads to weight growing and constant hunger. When people are hungry they eat and eat. So what goes around comes around. That is, as the doctor Atkins says the main reason of people’s obesity and illnesses. This doctor wanted to support people by giving them a chance of changing their meal preferences and eating habits. That is very important for those, who eat too much or have no ideas about nutrition guidelines. Moreover, this diet is helpful for supporting the healthy weight, even if you don’t have extra kilograms. This healthy diet is more like an approach, but not the meal plan.