Each diet nowadays has something that  improves health situation. But alkaline diet has so many of such benefits that it is even hard to believe. Some people say that it helps to normalize blood pressure. Others say that it can improve cardiovascular health. But the most popular benefits are about the bone health and the decrease of back pains. Some say that even cancer can be cured by this diet and it even decreases the risk of cancer. When you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables it protects you from osteoporosis and this is what is prescribed by the diet.  These statements are made basically on the reviews of people keeping the diet for some time and they were ready to exchange the information with those who need. The scientific proofs are missing on these statements, so be careful with the diet use. When a definite quantity of food is eaten and digested it doesn’t mean that everything is absorbed by our organism. Some of the waste is left and it is called metabolic waste. The proponents of the alkaline diet call this a metabolic ash. If a lot of alkaline food is eaten the ash will be more alkaline, and if the bigger part of the nutrition is acid the ash will be acid. It is important to stay away from the acidic food not to make our organism the basin for acidic waste.