Alkaline diet is a nutrition plan that is meant to reduce weight and improve general health conditions. It is based on the meaning that our body needs less acids from food and it also needs to be more alkaline. The diet became popular at the time when Victoria Beckham started to follow it at talking about it. There are a lot of different cooking books and manuals for this diet. As we know our kidneys are responsible for the pH of the urine and the less acid is there the best is for the body. In the origins of the diet there lies the theory that acids make kidneys work worse and they store stones and are more affected by urine infections. The pH levels change depending on that what we eat. Some of the proponents of the diet say that much acid in the foods we eat causes various health problems. We need to change our eating habits to more alkaline and take care of ourselves in order to prevent dangerous body conditions. One of the benefits of this diet is that it is capable of making our organism lose kilograms rather fast. Isn’t it a great chance to improve health state and become more in shape?