Going to the gym not always means being in a perfect shape all the year round. Sometimes you look better, sometimes there is more fat on your legs and belly. But it doesn’t mean that you must break up with regular sessions. It is normal and totally physiological process, especially for women. Now is just the time to recollect that the flat belly and steel abs are made at the kitchen first. Nutrition sometimes is the biggest trick that prevents from having a thin waist. So before getting your abdominal muscles tired by constant training, try to remember this. Dieting first – then the sessions. It doesn’t matter how often or how hard you train this muscle group. The fat isn’t burned locally, you have to rip the calories intake and add some cardio sessions to see the progress in the mirror. When you slim down the whole body you will get acquainted with the muscles of your abs. One more thing about the abs is that it can’t be perfect if all of your body isn’t trained enough. It works in a complex with other muscle groups. You need strong legs, arms, chest and other muscle groups to make you dream about the flat belly come true. So, choose your diet first and then get come to the gym to become a person you would be proud of.